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Making arrangements for the funeral of a loved one can seem daunting.  Yet there are many ways in which a funeral can be conducted that can bring solace and even joy in times of grief.  Often, people today do not have an exclusive affiliation to one particular religion, but have a more general sense of the spiritual and would wish this to be reflected in their funeral.    If you would like help in arranging or conducting a funeral to mark the passing of a loved one in a spiritually respectful way, we would be glad to be of service.

Lorraineportraitv2 Lorraine Pickles

I’m a professionally trained Funeral Celebrant, having   trained with Green Fuse.
My own spiritual journey has brought me to the Divine Feminine, and in 2009 I  initiated as a Priestess of Avalon. I’m also a member of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.   I’m a qualified social worker and counsellor, and have worked for over thirty years with people at a point of crisis or loss.  I have a love of  music and poetry, and of creating  beautiful and meaningful ceremonies that celebrate the sacredness and beauty of each individual life.

Christine Watkins


 Christine Watkins 

As a funeral celebrant I am honoured to hold space at the sacred threshold that marks the passing of a life,  and also to work with individuals as they approach this threshold.   I’m a writer, storyteller and priestess, and am also trained in pastoral counselling.



What we offer

We offer funeral celebrancy in South Wales, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire (including Bristol) and Somerset.

Both Lorraine and Christine are skilled at holding sacred space, and have a straightforward, respectful and friendly approach to conducting services. You may want a celebrant to perform a simple role as a focal point for the service, be it a cremation or burial, or you might feel you would like more help with planning the service as well, including the eulogy, choice of readings, music etc.

What does this cost?

It varies slightly depending on what  exactly you want, and your location but as a guide, costs are from £150 which covers a meeting to discuss requirements, further correspondance by phone or email, and conducting the funeral itself.

It is very helpful to talk in person early on, so please do contact Lorraine 07511618033 or Christine 01981 540509 or email your enquiry here.

Other services

We may also work (in a non-medical capacity) with individuals nearing death. For example, someone who wishes to discuss their own funeral arrangements, or who would like some spiritual support as they approach death.  If  this is something that may be relevant to you, please send us an enquiry in the first instance so that we can arrange to discuss this.

Please contact us also regarding Memorial/honouring ceremonies or Bereavement support.